Out of the cave into my bizzare Bazzaar

Nepali Bazaar

Going to the Bazaar or market in Nepal is a refreshing experience. Since I was young my mamma would always take me with her on these shopping trips to buy everything and anything under the sun. As a child, your curiosity is awakened as you step into this realm of fusion of bright colours & titillating aromas. Your braveness is challenged as you step into the chaos of cars, motorbikes, humans, dog, cows & garbage – all coming together side by side in the narrow streets. You have to build a knack of making your way through the crowd, to bargain swiftly, to conclude your purchase and move on. And there I was – a mere child -tested by my mother, a true Nepali, to not be overcome by the pandemonium. Be brave and hold on is what my mother would say as she took my hand into hers.

Now, no longer a child by age – I try once again to step out and to let the colours, aromas of my inner thoughts fill myself to feel free. I start this blog so that I can have my own Bazaar of thoughts, opinions, feelings, stories & of course the randomness that we all have from time to time. I am not a practiced writer, my penmanship does not dictate who I am as I writer. What I write is just a vent for me to let loose of the feelings I have bottled inside of me. Feelings that I can share with you, knowing that there are always a few out there feeling the same.

The bazaars in Nepal brought it all together – the good & the bad. Making it into a divine beauty and yet a commonplace for us all to feel the vigour.

(the picture is credited to google search – so its not mine)


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