I wrote the words, as they were my thoughts
I sang the song, as they were my words
I listened to them, as they were all I had

The same thoughts, I had over and over again
The same words that danced around in my head
Forming a confusingly translucent paradigm

The emotionally challenged try to look away like it did not happen
The neurotically affected try to obsess on it like it was meant to happen
While the lost souls try to bring themselves back from just being a memory

A picture in someone’s scrapbook
A character in someone’s narrative
A memory that might just fade away

So as I wrote the words and sang the song
I realized that I was not gone
and most importantly that you were not gone

I did not have to touch you, to feel you
I did not have to breathe you, to smell you
I did not have to hold you, to loveĀ  you

I could just close my eyes, sing my song and be with you….

Daily Prompt: Connect the Dots